Fire Walk With Me, 2016
Collaboration with an anonymous artist

Protest Sign Workshop, 2016
Documentation from the DC Art Book Fair
Collaboration with Margarita Kruchinskaya

Strategic Plan 2025: The Game, 2015

Obama on Holiday, 2015

A Community Chalkboard, 2013

I painted an exterior wall of an abandoned building with chalkboard paint near my home in Mission Hill in Boston. I then invited people to participate by providing instructions, the chalk, and a small table for it (which was quickly stolen).

Progress, 2013

5 walls with 1 strip of white paint on each
5 paint cans, with labels: Modern White, Minimalist White, Conceptual White, Postmodern White, and Contemporary White

SMFA Strategic Plan: A Multimedia Play, 2013

SMFA Strategic Plan: A Multimedia Play is a 3-act play produced by myself and a few other students from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) as a comment on the school's recently presented Strategic Plan. The three acts were divided, more or less, as so: 1. Presentation; 2. Intermission; 3. Conversation. The first act was created entirely (besides obvious added absurdities) from language from the SMFA Strategic Plan, found here: . Also, a large part of the play included (and depended on) audience participation. Students, teachers, and staff members were all in attendance. The play was performed in the Grossman Gallery at SMFA during lunch on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 during the student-curated Histories of Now: Space for Dialogue, Art, and Activism exhibition.

Faux Budget for SMFA, 2012

I, with a small group of fellow students, published a faux budget for SMFA in response to our President refusing to publicize our budget.

Case Sensitive: The Text Art Show Space at SMFA

What Do You Want?

I wrote the question, "What do you want from your school?" in front of SMFA. I left out pieces of chalk, and encouraged people to respond.

Student Debt Ball and Chain, 2012

Posters, 2012-2013