This is Revolting, 2016

I collaborated with Allison Cekala to design and develop a book edition of the web exhibition, This is Revolting. All proceeds from book sales will be donated to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. Buy the book here!

State of Exception, 2015

State of Exception is an artist publication about the conflations and connections between personal and collective identity, memory, and politics regarding Palestinian- and Jewish-Americans. The publication links together transcribed interviews, written stories, timelines, topography, quotations, and propaganda. Through interviews and family narratives, the artist hopes to add new perspectives to the narrow and stereotypical discourse that represents Palestinians and Jews in the diaspora.

Books are available at Printed Matter

The End - The Final Years: A Brief History of SMFA from 2013–2017, 2013

The End is a comic zine made in collaboration with other SMFA students. It serves as a warning about the plausible dystopian future of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. As most everyone at SMFA was left in the dark about the school's future, all we had left to do was imagine what an unspeakable future would look like.

UPDATE: (Spoilers) Unfortunately, most of what was predicted in our zine came true. We weren't able to save the school. SMFA, due to financial instability caused by failures from the leadership, needed to join with another university in order to avoid closing. Luckily, it did not end up joining with Northeastern University, but instead will be joining with its long-term partner Tufts University. There will be massive layoffs to staff. The school will change forever. However, the (ir)responsible leadership will not be a part of the new joint (ad)venture.

View the online version below, and feel free to print your own, using the print version here:
The End - Print Version

SMFA Disorientation Guides, 2012-2013

In 2012, I and a few other students published our school's first disorientation guide. We continued in 2013, creating the second in the series. Through these guides, we hoped to provide an alternative orientation for both new and returning students. There is a great deal of information that schools, sometimes deliberately and sometimes negligently, does not provide students. We wanted students to have access to all the knowledge orientation did not provide. Specifically, it was to update incoming students on recent changes to SMFA, help students with tips on how to navigate both SMFA and Tufts, provide alternative and radical resources to readers, and inspire dialogue that would ideally lead to action.

View the online versions below, and feel free to print your own, using the print versions here:
2013 SMFA Disorientation Guide - Print Version
2012 SMFA Disorientation Guide - Print Version

Re: Pussy Riot

Collaboratively published in 2012, Re: Pussy Riot is an encyclopedic artists' book about the activist group Pussy Riot.